HOW TO: Place Characters Behind A Desk 🪑 🎓

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How do you use the same overlay but twice? For example, I want to have 2 desks in the background where characters can go behind them. Thanks

How to here:



&overlay DESK_2 create from DESK
&overlay DESK_2 scales to % % in zone # in 0
&overlay DESK_2 shifts to X Y in zone # in 0
&overlay DESK_2 to layer #
&overlay DESK_2 opacity 1 in 0

%, X, Y and # would be replaced with numbers. You can read more here about them: DARA’S GUIDE: Overlays

You can mention a zone in either the shifts to or scales to command line (or both) if you’re not in zone 1. If you don’t mention a zone (ex. if you’re in zone 2) then the overlay by default will be in the first zone and you won’t be able to see it. You also need to add the opacity command to make it visible.

By the way, you can read more on layers here: HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers

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Hi, could ypu help me I tried to place her behind the desk but I just can´t is this background
This is the text!


@zoom reset
@CINDY spot 1.001 155 234 in zone 1 and CINDY is talk_sit_coy

    CINDY (talk_sit_coy)
Its all true.

#The example code:

INT. HOLLYWOOD NEWS ROOM NO OL - DAY with FLOWERGRIEFER NEWS ROOM DESK to 1.000 0 0 in zone 1 at layer 2

#You actually don’t need the values 1.000 0 0 or even the zone number there as it’s the default but I put it there so you see everything.

&zoom reset

&speechbubble reset

&BRANDI spot 0.715 167 317 in zone 1 at layer 1 and BRANDI faces left and BRANDI is idle_sit_neutral_loop

&speechbubble is 143 299 to 56% with tail_top_right

BRANDI (talk_sit_coy)
Welcome to the Vampire Show.

&zoom on 175 345 to 313% in 0

&speechbubble is 148 257 to 100% with tail_top_right

BRANDI (talk_sit_doubtful)
I hope you all enjoy it. If not, we’ll eat you.

&BRANDI is idle_sit_neutral_loop

@pause for 0.7

#Visually translates into:

#Do not forget to reset zoom and speechbubble else it’ll carry over :scream: I recommend to go over guides on zooms, speechbubbles, overlays and spot directing as well as layers (if you need any links, do let me know although you can do a quick search for them and there are some in the very first post above) :blob_sun:

The overlay:


Thank you to @FlowerGriefer for cutting out the overlay :nerd_face: :disco: :avocado_love: :blob_hearts: Hope this helps, if you have any more questions, do feel free to ask :yay:

P.S You can also use the background INT. HOLLYWOOD NEWS ROOM - DAY which comes with its very own desk overlay. Although from what I’ve personally observed on the app when moving the built in overlay around, it looks a bit different than the one that is part of the INT. HOLLYWOOD NEWS ROOM NO OL - DAY (no built in overlay background). More info here on built in overlays: :blob_hearts: HOW TO: Use A Built-In Overlay :blob_hearts: :rose: :blob_sun:


I’m writing my first story and I have been stuck on moving my chararcters and overlays for almost a week! I have read every possible guideline and still can’t figure it out?
I don’t know how to get my character to walk behind the desk and god knows I’ve tried everything.
Could you maybe take a look at part of my script for me to see if I’ve just been doing it completley wrong?
Thank you

It looks like this! I’m trying to get her to walk to the desk and stand behind it?


&overlay MAYA DESK create
&overlay MAYA DESK moves to layer 1
&overlay MAYA DESK shifts to -76 -31
&overlay MAYA DESK scales to 1.000 1.0000
&overlay MAYA DESK opacity 0

@cut to zone 1

@MAYA enters from left to screen left

    MAYA (talk_neutral_atcamera_loop)
Well, that ends the tour here.

    MAYA (talk_pointup_happy)
On with the story!

@MAYA walks to spot 0.488 121 323 in 2
@MAYA moves to layer -1

Have her enter with spot directing, if you want the overlay to show, opacity will be 1:

For that background, you’ll have to use overlays. You can ask in art resources for people to make you an edit of characters in the chairs so you can put that in your story or ask for an overlay of the table, etc.

Thank you so much xx first few chapters have been released now x it’s called sceptical schemes

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