How to place that damn dog :-)

I have this situation, where I would like to ad the overlay FANCY TOTE POMERANIAN CREAM PINK PALE
I would like to place it on the pavement next to Adeline’s shoe, and I have no clue how tro do that…

Can someone help?

@JESSICA changes into JESSICA_boring_outdoor
@ADELINE changes into ADELINE_1
@ADELINE spot 1.1 115 90 in zone 1
@ADELINE is idle_read_phone_neutral

you would place it beside the background itself. the format is:

EXT. OUTDOOR BLAH - DAY with OVERLAY to 2.000 100 100 in zone 1

in order to get the overlay by her shoe, you have to scale and move the overlay using the helper tool. then edit the numbers ^^ accordingly

Ups I’m sorry Adeline, I didn’t mean to call on you… It’s just the character’s name is Adeline… :hushed::heart::heart::heart:
But thank you so much for your help

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