Of course we all have different ways to plan a story, but we all start from the same place.
Before we start, in no way am I am professional, I just used this way with my most popular story which has 100k reads, but has been put on hold.




  1. The main idea.

What is the purpose of your story? Is it to show what life is like in high school? What being in a mafia is like? Whatever the main idea is, it will give you a basis of what you want.

Example of Main Idea:

The main story idea is a girl being the heir to a mafia.

  1. The MC:

Once you have the main idea, focus more on the MC. Who are they? Who is he/she? Are you going to allow CC? Are you going to allow readers to choose their genders? Their sexuality? Who will have an impact on the MC?

Example of MC:

MC will be the daughter of one of the world’s leading cartel owner, CC will be featured and their sexuality can be chosen.

  1. Characters:

Who is going to be the protagonist? Who is going to be the agnostic? What will they look like? What will their background be about? Remember to add diversity, it makes your story feel more realistic and NEVER USE A POC AS THE SASSY FRIEND

Example of characters:

Tessa will be MC’s main friend, who is a normal girl who goes to high school with MC. She is an agnostic and she was bought up in care and adopted bu MC’s parents.

  1. MC’s challenge:

What is MC going to have to overcome? Is it a terminal illness? Is it a cheating ex? Is it a mean girl in high school try to steer away from cliches.

Example of MC's challenge:

Being a women in a “man’s world” has some challenges. MC has to fight the double standards and discrimination.

  1. Drama and more drama:

Every reader wants to feel the anticipation and suspense reading every word, so focus on the drama! What twists are there going to be?

Example of drama:

MC is now struggling because her dad has sold the family’s company to her rival!

  1. The resolution:

What is going to be the resolution? How will MC overcome it? Who will the overcome it with?

Example of resolution:

MC has now got enough people on her side to take down the rival company/gang, along side with her is the LI (Love interest)

  1. The end!

This is my favourite bit! This is your time to leave your mark on you story! Give the readers what they want, but then give something that will shook the hell out of them!

Example of the End:

Now given the whole gang and company, MC is feeling the pressure, that is until she realises who has always been there for her… the LI (love interest) But before she does, she finds out her dad (who she inherited it from) has rose back from the dead!


This is something, which I can say all writers will tell you! Have fun in every word you write! This will make sure you will feel motivated to sit down and complete your story in the best possible way! :heart:


What’s your story called?

It’s not my actual story, but I have a similar one, Love You To Hell And Back. :heart:

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My story is about a girl named Emma who meets a boy named Andrew. They become friends but before long she relizes Andrew is not normal. SHe needs to figure out if he is not human, dose he have superpowers or whatever is up. Andrew dose not want to tell her so she knew this was more than just a minor secret. SHe knew it was something much bigger than that. How do you like this plot. I’m only writing the second episode so it’s not gonna be out any time soon.

my first story is about a teenager 16 who’s forced to ‘go in hiding’, the AFP are after her, the people at the store she supposedly stole from are working with the ‘enemy’ the enemy has a couple people in the AFP helping them to track her down. The MC doesn’t know about her families business she was trained until her father left it was just her and her brother left he’s had to make sure she has as normal childhood as possible before she learns the truth until of course she’s pre much ran out of town. There’s some talk of Mental Illness too.