πŸ“š How To Plan A Story Part 1 πŸ“œ

Hello, Episodian this is going to be a series If this thread goes well :no_mouth: on helping out new authors who want help or authors that want advice. :blob_turtle:

The first steps to making a great story are below :innocent: :yellow_heart:

Make A Plan

Planning Advice

The most important part is to plan for how you want your story to go. There are three parts to every story. The Beginning, The Middle, and The End. Plan out major parts in the story and how you want them to go. As well as how this will help character development. This will also give you an idea of how many episodes/chapters you want for your story. Plans can change! If you don’t like something you planned originally you can always change it. Figure out the purpose of your story when you are planning and stick to it!


Plot Planning

Make sure the plot of your story is simple and clear that way your leaders know what is going on and won’t get lost. If your story is zigzagging all over the place readers probably will get confused and you will get a lot of fan mail asking what’s going on. Plan out how your story is going to start, your big problem that will change everything and the ending of your story. This is your storyline. You can have your story with points, charts, etc any of those can make your reader more interested in getting more points and wanting to read more. Once you have your storyline planned out, break those parts down into chapters and think of ways to leave your characters on the edge of their seats at the end of every chapter. But make sure to stick to the storyline! Characters play a huge role in the storyline. Give your main character a backstory, personality, age, characteristics, likes, and dislikes. Think of your characters and give them a personality that gives them life, it will be very rewarding when a reader tells you they connected with a character because they can relate to them. I will get more into characters in my next post!

I really hope this helped you out!
I will be posting part 2 very soon! If this goes well :neutral_face:

Part 2 out now!


love this! this is really helpful to new writers :blob_hearts::blob_sun:

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I used to have diffrent story ideas like every other day, but these past months I just can’t think of anything :{


Lmao So sorry for that but my next post is about that exact thing :sweat_smile:

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can’t wait!!!

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Thank you so much!! Even though I have heard this feedback many times, it still feels like new stuff to me :joy:. It’s super helpful! And I’m still learning. Your explanations are clear and well written. It would be really nice if you continued to make this into a series. Again, thanks for posting this!!! It’s very helpful! :blush:

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This is really helpful! You should make this a series!

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