📚 How To Plan A Story Part 2 📜

Hello again Episodians! This is part 2 of my last help thread. As some of you may know this will be a series. I decided I don’t care if this goes well or not I want to do it :stuck_out_tongue:
This thread is mostly going to be about characters this time as well as a few other things.

If you want to see part 1 I will put the link at the bottom.

Here are the next few steps to planning a great story. :arrow_heading_down:

Character Development Plan

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When writing, usually on visual platforms, people can often forget to include their characters’ development. Well, that or they just can’t find a way to add it in. The biggest part of the development of a character is that you, as the author, know your characters like your birthday. What I mean by that is before you begin writing more than one chapter or make life-changing decisions for your characters, know the way you expect them to act or the way a reader would. Don’t make it so that it is predictable, but make it kind of relatable for the readers. It really touches a reader when they find a way to connect with one of the characters. (It will make you look really good as well. :sweat_smile:)
The more work you put in and the more you explore and analyze your character, the more it will naturally come across in the way you write. I hope this helps you with character development!

Notebooks and Calendars

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This is a big thing whilst in the writing stage is keeping notes and knowing the date.
As you continuously write a story that is surely but slowly getting big, you as well as anyone else will have new ideas for new stories. Don’t make that story real quick then try to get back to writing the story you were before because as long as you see your ideas in your story selection you will drift away from the story you were writing. That is why you make a folder labeled Episode. (I use google docs for it.) And in that folder, you label all your story ideas in different docs. That way when you finish your story you have a selection of your choice. Now a calendar is important to have because if you update once a week or you try to. seeing the days go by getting closer and closer to the deadline will motivate. If you know the next chapter might late, make a post on your insta or add that in at the end of your last chapter whilst writing. Your readers will deeply appreciate and will know they haven’t been forgotten.

I hope this post helped you as well! :hugs: :purple_heart:

As promised here is the link for part 1 :laughing:


Thank you! This is really helpful💜

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