HOW TO: plan a story!

Hey, Episodians!
I’m back with a new tutorial! This time we will see how to plan a story!

This tutorial will help everyone, but mostly the beginners and the ones that does not find a way to organize their ideas!

STEP 1: Ideas & Inspiration!

The first step include:

First of all, we MUST know what our story is about, to do it you just have to: think!

Think of something you love seeing in stories or TV series, or an idea you have in mind.

To do it you’ll need inspiration, too!
So, do something that you like to do, read books or relax and the inspiration will come to you easily!!

STEP 2: classify the genre!

When you have an idea in mind you should now classify it in a genre.

For example: my story is about a girl who meets tha man of her dreams <-- This is a romance story.

In my story the MC has to escape prison <-- This is a action/drama story (depending on how your story goes, you’ll decide if it is action or drama)

STEP 3: write ideas!

Obviously you can’t forget what you have in mind, so take a notebook and while you think write some ideas and at the end you’ll decide.

STEP 4: Details!

Like in every Episode story, you must decide the style of characters: LimeLight, Ink or Classic and if to do it in: Full Char Display or Spotlight

STEP 5: Episodes and Cover!

At this point you can start the episodes by noting on a notebook what how much are thy going to be, what they are about and the rest.

For the cover you can choose if to do it draqn or edited, tutorial here.

Or you can ask in one of the art shops here on the forums. Here’s the link to the list of open art shops!

Still uploading links…

Thank you for your time and if you have problems/need opinions on your stories PM me! :blob_sun:

Love, Iris :blob_hearts:


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