How to plan episodes and how often to update?

Hii :two_hearts:! I will be releasing an upcoming story in a few weeks and am currently working on my fourth episode. Up until now I never wrote stuff down about the main plot, although I have the main events planned in my head. My approach is by imagining what the main scenes would be (about 4 in each episode depending on the length) and what roughly happens in each one, as well as trying to find the right point to end the episode as an intriguing cliffhanger, lasting from 10-15 minutes.

I was wondering how do you guys prepare for writing new episodes? Do you type/write out everything that happens from start to finish? If so, how? And what thought process do you follow? Do you plan the dialogues word per word?

I also wanted to ask how long does it take you guys to code an episode from start to finish? Including makeup/outfit changes and about two choices per episode, mine can reach up to 2000/3000 lines long and take overall a few hours a day for a week or two to code (if I remain consistent).

I’m still a fairly new author and am willing to try new, efficient ways to plan episodes so I can get the best episode quality in the least amount of time!

I just plan the main events that happen in my story and around which chapters I want it and things that happen between them.

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Thank you so much for your feedback!! And I get you, I’m also very much a perfectionist which is probably why it takes me so long to code :smiling_face_with_tear: