How to plan for writing a stories

Hello Episodians! I have a few questions! Comment your answers⬇️

  1. How do you prepare for writing a story?
  2. Is there any specific organizer to use when planning?
  3. How to make people interested in reading your story?

Thank you so much for you help :innocent::pray:

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I use to help me plan my characters and storyline. People seem to like romance so you can add that into your story!


Will i usually write my ideas down i get inspired from music and reading on episode and sometimes in my head. When it comes to organizing that a mess part of mine i have it on my notebook and on the computer idk i write too damn fast and my brain all over the place.

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Will a lot of readers are into drama and action as well but we need more comedy and thriller too so i want to make a comedy one but what i think is funny might not be funny to the next person.

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Yeah people love romance and drama i love those stories too. But i need new things to spice up my genre like thriller and comedy and fantasy not really action bc i seem violence and bad boy gangster and girls

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thx awesome episode friend!!!

I also see that people like it when someone dies. Romance, comedy, and mystery seem to be the top three genres rn. cough cough most people like romance like the other guy said cough cough

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