How to plan stories?

So i need help how do i effectively plan out my story. I need to plan my story out as i feel like it will help me with my chapters and i won’t get writers block as often but how do i properly plan? How do i make sure i plan out all the details?
Sorry if this is confusing but i basically wanna know how you guys plan your stories.


I mainly write out each scene with a basic overview of what I want to happen. Then I write down a cliffhanger for each episode. Once I have written the main bits in code I lengthen it. This may not be enough for you but it’s how remember what I need to do and where is start from :smile:

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and how not to do it


You can always brainstorm first just put any ideas you have in mind on paper. After you gather all of your ideas, create an outline based on what you have written down.

You can always take inspiration and small details from other stories and turn them into original inventions for your own story. This isn’t necessarily copying as you are only taking little details from many stories to come up with ideas for your plot climaxes and other events.

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Here’s a useful planner:

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Thank you!

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