How to plan the best episode story

So guys I am writing an episode story
But I need a few tips and tricks on how to write the best story.
Like how to start how to plan and also any coding advice.
Pls help me out :pleading_face::pleading_face:


Try watching youtube videos on coding. It’s where most people start.


To plan and write your story I try and start off with 5 steps:

  1. Write one sentence summary. You don’t need to to show their name but you could describe the character.

  2. Description so you take the one sentence and turn it into about 3-5 sentences (this will help you set up a plot which you can then turn into an episode description)

  3. Is the characters, I follow this style to know their character more (for your major characters only)
    Storyline – what part will they play in the plot/ their goals
    Development: will they develop new emotions during the story, will they expand relationships with characters or develop new ones

  4. Create a mind map on what you want to happen in your story, write down any ideas that comes to your mind

  5. Expand those ideas you could now start thinking about making a rough plan for each episode, how you will introduce the story and how you may end it

Hope this helps


how to plan - don’t try and sit and plan everything at once. at least it doesnt work for me. when the idea comes to you just jot it down on a piece of paper.
story ideas - listen to songs, or other author’s stories, and put a twist on it. for instance, if there’s a story about an alien crash landing into someone’s backyard i’ll just turn it into a native discovering a stranded mermaid, for instance. and always choose an idea that you can expand a lot on


Here are my tips and tricks;

  • Don’t rush any of your work, it takes a long time to write a good story.

  • Have a notebook or anything to write down your ideas on, so that you don’t forget any important ideas and to plan out your story. Don’t forget to write your characters personalities.

  • Try ro be original.

  • Watch Joseph Evans on youtube for coding, he’s literally the best.

  • Read popular stories, they may give you some ideas for your story and directing.

+I’m actually a new author too and I’ve been working on my first story for a couple of months now, I believe I have a decent knowledge about coding and stuff so if you have any questions about anything feel free to message me via instagram @amaira.episode :blob_hearts:


Some coding/directing tips!


This is a quote from something I put on a different thread, this just what I do and I’m new to this too so I say do what works best but maybe some of it works for you:

Along with quote 2:

-Maybe some of these things may apply to you!!!


Above I said it’s supposed to be, auto correct :woman_facepalming:t4:

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