How to planned out a story? And what to do if your unmotivated

Is their a sort way to planned out a story like by each episode chapter how do you guys plan out your story. I always write my ideas out on paper and have sorta music lyric for scenes and add a effect to the characters music that i listen to on my own and episode music. ANY tips on planning your first story and what is something you don’t like or wish u change on your episode published story?


I like to write mine out on paper like a regular book and then go back through it to add branching where I think it should be. I also like to think about the entire story being more like a season of a TV show instead of a movie, where each episode is an episode of the season.

Questions I ask myself:
Do I want the episode to end on a cliffhanger?
Are my characters fleshed out or static?
Are any of my characters contradictory?
Does my storyline make sense?
Can the reader imagine themselves in the MC shoes?


Will when I did my story episode 2 i was supposed to let that be in episode 4 and 5, really,
so do say this is episode 4 I’m planned this out and the choices and point of system i never ask myself any questions.
What others questions do you asked?

One of the biggest things I struggled with as an author was writing without a detailed plan. Having an idea pop into your head and then rushing to a computer to start coding usually ends up with a very wonky storyline, or worse, you never finish what you start. The best advice I think I could give is, would you enjoy reading what you wrote? If not, try again.

Side note: I love using the points system but it can get messy in a hurry if you don’t keep detailed notes on who’s been given points with which choices in the future.

I can’t wait to read your story. Happy writing!


Oh okay thank you so much i have my ideas planned out so i will ask myself those questions

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How do u use the point system. Well i think overall i really like my story it’s mostly comedy in some parts. But for the episode first i only did a small introduction of some of the characters the next episode 2 talks about the family scandal

It episode 2 talks about the family scandal the cliffhanger i think overall my story is funny and has a general idea

What do u mean by detail plan you don’t write your story out? What’s one of your biggest struggles as a author and what’s a mistake u have made writing?

What do u mean by fleshed out or static?

Oh i don’t know how to point system but i do the choices to affect the story and if not choice i want like a point system of each relationship idk if that’s how is it right. I have to plan that out more

I’m attaching a link to some outline templates I’ve used to give you a general idea of my detailed plan.

One of my biggest struggles as an author is doubting myself. As I near the end of a story I’m writing I start telling myself the story isn’t good enough and no one would want to read it, no matter how many times someone had told me it was great.

The biggest mistake I’ve probably made is not giving enough detail in my writing. With Episode, you have handy tools like character animation and backgrounds to give your audience a visual idea of where they are and what they’re doing. In traditional writing, your story has to come to life with just words.


By detail you mean characters animation spot directing and backgrounds not necessarily dialogue and monologue?

Okay Thank you for the template. So this help more with general ideas for any stories?

I plan my stories out in two ways. I either take mental notes or I jot down my ideas in a notebook. I used to plan out each episode. But now I just go with flow lol.

When I’m unmotivated to write. I listen to music or I start working on other projects. Which both of these help tremendously. Or you can simply take a break and then return when you’re motivated again.


When you take notes mental did u forget what happened each scene or do you change it up when your writing in notebook?

No, I don’t forget, but sometimes I will take notes just in case I do. Half of the time I don’t write what I had planned out.


What’s the best way to write it on notebook or just the flow?

For me. I write out the dialogue first between the characters, and then once I’m set. I start to write out how I will direct it and how I want it to look.

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I usually plan out my stories by writing all of the characters down, their motivations and personalities. From the plot and the notes, I think of all of the logical endings for each of their characters so then I can plan where to add foreshadowing into any episode and plot points that will get them to that ending.


I can’t really give the characters a personality yet until i actually make them, because i have to see how they vision look. I’m a vision learning, I should just write out all of my ideas not just dialogue and monologue.

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