How to play true or dare in the story?

How can I do a game like this in my story?


Just make up truth or dare questions and then add them into the dialogue. Like for example:

I dare Addison to kiss her best friend.

Addison kisses her best friend.

Addison since you picked truth, why don’t you all tell us if you have ever ditched school?

There’s a lot of things online if you need ideas for actual truth or dare questions. hope that helps x

you can just make it like a dialogue

if you want to have it interactive you make it like a choice and write 2 different scene one for trut other for dare

What will you choice?
choice “truth” {
Here you will write sceene what will happen if you choose truth

} “dare” {
Here you will write sceene what will happen if you choose dare


I mean how to make a bottle to turn around

lol you have to be more specific when you ask questions.:slight_smile:

well you can use bottle overlay and rotate it…you probably would need to make background which looks like you look down on the floor and then just spinn the bottle overlay there using rotation command

and here you have everything about how to animate an overlay


Lol yeah and thanks :wink:

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I made something but its not working :thinking:

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