How to portray a health topic right?

OK so I did a health awareness poll and had been said that it had to have be done right… But what is the right way of portaying a health issue…?

I mean I would talk from experience and or research.

Or should I not worry about people saying ’ you didn’t portray it right’?


Talking from experience is good because you show emotion in what you are writing.


honestly, just knowing what you’re talking about. even though you may be writing a fictional story, have the facts in there as well. and do it respectfully. for example, mental health topics such as anorexia, don’t go into the story promoting it or saying how fun it is, or what a good idea it is, and don’t criticize people with that disorder as well. use facts and don’t make stuff up. overall just portray it respectfully, and factually, and you’ll have a great story.


Research goes a long way and it will help you a lot, certainly.

But sometimes google may not be able to tell you as good as someone who has actually experienced something like that can!

If you can, maybe try to talk to someone who has suffered the problem or someone who knows someone who has that problem and ask them questions?


Also everyone’s experience can be different. So just because it doesn’t portray how one person went through it, that doesn’t mean you’re portraying it wrong.


I mean, if you need to ask this, maybe write or take in something less complicated instead?

Conversation, as a matter of fact, is great since you show feeling in what you are composing.
Be that as it may, here and there the web can’t probably let you know in the same class as individuals who have really experienced.

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I think as long as you’ve done the research and are receptive to criticism, there’s no reason you shouldn’t portray health problems. Illness is a big part of a lot of people’s lives and I don’t think people should be scared of portraying it in Episode stories. Keep in mind that some health issues (like mental health) have a lot of stigma attached to them, and using stereotypes can be detrimental. Be careful with making those characters seem “crazy” and “unhinged” , because mentally ill people in real life have to deal with those stereotypes every day.

Also, this is just my personal opinion, but a lot of illness stories are recovery stories. Now don’t get me wrong, a LOT of IRL people have incredibly inspiring recovery stories, and I myself find those stories very helpful and hopeful. But! A lot of people also have chronic illnesses, ones where they may never “get better” by an able person’s standard. I would love to see more stories where a character doesn’t necessarily get 100% better, but learns to manage their condition and learns to be kind to their body despite its issues. That’s not necessarily something your story has to tackle, but it might be interesting to look at if you’re looking to tell a health story.

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