How to Portray Trans Characters?

Hello Everyone!
I am currently working on my first story. I am a supporter of diversity and have many ethnically diverse characters. There is representation of various cultures, religions, queer and specially abled people. Though, I have friends from the above categories to whom I am very close to and they help me write and portray the characters. The problem with me arises in portraying trans characters. My friends are not able to help me in this criteria and I come from a region of world where talking about our sexuality openly is highly frowned upon. So my only source of information are my friends and internet. I have read many articles about the correct way of acknowledging the trans characters but they were of no help. If any of you people can educate me with the correct way of portraying them then it’ll be very helpful.

If my words were hurtful to anyone, I apologize in advance and please tell me if I did.

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This isn’t full on advice, just a tip, but if your character is transgender female to male, you can use one of the crop tops to look like a binder!

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Ohh yes! I definitely could! But I was looking for advice in how to show they as in how to refer to them? What pronouns to use…

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