HOW TO: Post A Screenshot From Your Phone + Extra Stuff

I debated between putting this in Site Feedback or Episode Fan Community but anyways, here I go:

HOW TO: Post A Screenshot From Your Phone:

Some Bonus Stuff:

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A repost from: JemU776's Help Thread - #310 by JemU776

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Didnt know about numero dos lol thank you for that :grin:


And very important thing is - resize or crop your screenshot before trying to upload it. Because screenshots are usually heavier than the maximum upload weight. :heart:

Thanks for adding the tip :smiley:

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Hey im a little confused so im gonna ask here. I try to write a story but while i try to preview it my overlays donโ€™t show up both mine and episode overlays. Can someone help me out please?

Of course Iโ€™ll help but I think itโ€™s off topic here :sweat_smile: May you private message (PM) me with your code? :blush:

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