How to preview my story on my phone without using my tickets?

I have been wondering for a long time on how other authors preview their story on their phones and are able to take screenshots for sneak peaks. I know that you have to go on episode and go to the create section but whenever I click my story it’s either I can edit it/direct it or watch my own story and it’ll take my tickets. Anyone know how to preview your story?

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I think @Amelia_Star if you preview it and it takes tickets then you have a bug but I am not certain.

So you go on create and play it that way. To show sneak peeks you can use the Hide Debug Element.


This happens to me, so annoying. I have an unpublished mobile created story that I click on, exit and then I’m able to preview and edit my story.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH @Days :joy::grin:

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Ah yes, normally have to go back :sob::expressionless: then go to the app again

What do u mean sneak peaks

Ah so I mean you can view your story without the directing buttons :heartbeat:

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