How to preview without buttons on laptop

Im using my laptop and i know if i go on my phone to preview it i can get rid of the buttons like directing help and more but how do you do it on a laptop? I doesnt have the same options… and I can’t preview it on my phone since my background hasn’t been aprroves so it won’t let me…

You can still preview your story even if your backgrounds haven’t been approved. If it won’t let you then that means you have an error your script.

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This is my only Error and it only shows my other background and stops there… but i do have a name template it worked before but now says Auto bot on my character through the laptop preview could that be the problem?

The web previewer doesn’t show the code to type in your name so Auto Bot just gets defaulted, so that’s normal. What do you mean by the app won’t let you preview your story?

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It wont let me go farther than this

What does your script look like and where in your script is that scene

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This is the first scene my script starts with Narrator it worked before i added my own background

Can you post a screen shot of your script?

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Yeah give me a sec