How to preview without buttons

Hello everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!!
I haven’t published my story yet, and wanted to preview it without the directing buttons. I’m not sure whether it’s possible on laptop or phone since when i try to preview it in create mode on my phone, I still see the directing buttons. Is there any way to preview it without the buttons for an unpublished story?

The only way to do that (to my knowledge) is to copy your share link and paste it in your web browser (on your phone)

It’ll still show 2 buttons but not as many as create mode


There is no way to make your screen fully empty, but when you can tap on “hide …” whatever it is aftter hide and there will be less buttons


Ok, I will try that, thank you!

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ok, I’ll try that too, thank you for your help!


Hit “navigation” [as you see it in the screenshot below]

Then “Hide debug elements of HUD” :point_down:t3:

And all of the annoying text will disappear and your screen will look like this: :point_down:t3:


Woah you’re a life saver!!! Thank you so much!! that helps A LOT!! :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

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