How to promote my story more 😅


So at first I don’t know if it’s in the right category, if it should be in promote your story feel free to move it @Sydney_H :sweat_smile:
I am currently struggling with promoting my story more. I mean I published like 3 months ago (I think) and I have done some read4reads, recieved a lot of reviews on Instagram (mainly good ones) and my story has been shoutouted as hidden gem by on Instagram and it still doesn’t seem to catch attention of more people :smile::sweat_smile: I don’t promote my story at Instagram that much (I don’t post sneak peaks, only when the next chapter is out) because it feels really weird to me :sweat_smile: do you have any ideas how to get more people notice my story? Thanks :blush:


It is a good question!

I just think about promoting each other story in the end of the episode… :thinking:


That’s a good idea but I don’t want to force my friends into promoting my story (and me promoting theirs) :sweat_smile: it just feels weird to ask them about this :sweat_smile:


I think when someone likes each other stories it should be zero problems to do that :blush:

On the episode app, there are so many stories that it is hard to find any without a promotion.


What’s the title out of curiosity? And did you get more reads?


Title is Tears Between Smiles :sweat_smile: and yeah but I did more Read4reads, that’s why :blush: