How to promote my story

Hi! I’m a new author and am currently writing my first story.

  • I’m having a really hard time getting my story out there/getting reads.
  • Does anyone have any recommendations?
  • I have been using the promote section in the forum

My story :
Title- My Best Friend Next Door
Author- Marina
Description- What happens when someone from your past moves in next door? Will you fall for them? Follow Maya on her journey through senior year and see her find love where she least expects it.


Any help would be appreciated!! :heart:

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The best way to get noticed at first would be to do reads for reads.:slight_smile:


I agree! I’d be down for an R4R!

Great! What’s your story?

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It’s called DEMIGODDESS by Giselle Crescent!! I’m going to go read yours and send SS, please do the same for moi beaut!! :heartpulse::heartpulse:

Let’s do 3 chapters!

Just finished reading! @gisellec

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Same here! Great story!

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The best way to get noticed is yes- to do what you are doing. But you also have to get on social media too. A lot of authors have social media accounts (I don’t) where they talk about their story and promote it and offer sneak peeks. It also takes a LOT of patience. There’s an author I know and their story got lots of reads and got in the top community fantasy- but she said they had to wait FOREVER- a LONG time to get those reads. Sometimes reads for reads don’t work- like the other person doesn’t read your story etc. I think the main key to getting lots of reads is to be grateful for every single new read and have a ton of patience. I had a story that I did a long time ago (when all episode had was classic) and I made a story. It was really bad. (The cover was the worst) It’s been 2 years (I think- I’m pretty sure) and I only have 77-100 reads on it to this day! Another story I did was better- it has 170 reads- to me, that’s a lot, and I’m grateful for the reads for it and I even got some comments of people saying that they liked it. The main thing that attracts attention is having a good cover and description, if your story pops up somewhere, people might click on it- to get them to click on it you should have a cover that stands out- and a good description. I’m not a professional on this- but I’ve read a lot into this from the forums and what people have told me. This is all I know about how to get more reads. Hope this helps.

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I’m down for R4R

My story is called Love story academy by Ihavecupcakes


Thank you :wink:

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This really did help. I definitely need to work on my patience :joy:. and I’ll for sure appreciate each read more. Do you know anyone that makes covers? I’m trying to learn on my own, but I think my artistic abilities are nonexistent (but I’m still trying)!!

Just finished reading all 3 of your chapters! @yueyingli921

I do r4r (read for read) also!
(I even send screenshots as proof :smile:)
You, Me And The Beat by Anna

Thank you I’ll read urs ASAP

How many chapters would you like to do?

There are tons of groups that make covers for free to help the community. Just look under the art section.

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I’d like to promote my story called Divided.

Author: T.G.
Story Title: Divided
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
Story Description: Charlotte is faced with a difficult decision that will change her life drastically.
Story Link:

I just started reading it, it’s soooo good girl!

Aww thank you! :heart::heart: