How to promote on IG?

I’ve just finished coding the first 3 chapters of my story and I’m getting ready to publish but I’m unsure how to build hype for it on Instagram so it gets readers.

I have an account, chordwrites, but haven’t posted anything b/c I’m unsure what to post that would interest readers.

Any suggestions?

  • I’d suggest to follow a ton of other Episode accounts. Most of them follow back and then they’ll see your posts!
  • Maybe you can post your favourite scenes or scenes you proud of for a few days or weeks, with the description that your story is going to be published soon. Maybe you can even create a story trailer (there are people in the community who can create one for you)!
  • Continuing from the last point, you can introduce your characters with some information about them. I see this frequently!
  • Make sure to use lots of hashtags in your posts, so more people can find it. This only works if you decide to go for a public account, of course :wink:

I wish you the best of luck! I’ll make sure to follow you :blob_hearts:


You can also make an announcement of your story along with the cover.

thanks for all the tips! i’ll be sure to follow them!

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  • Increase your followers.
  • Use different hashtags.
  • Share some interesting yet mysterious parts of your story at least 2 days earlier.
  • Share a 24 hours countdown before publishing.
  • You can also tag your friends on the post when you publish it.
  • Keep the link to your story on your bio.
  • Update in a weekly way or 2/3 days in a week.
  • Post interesting or funny lines from your story.

and lastly best of luck!

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thank you!

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Here’s a list of some hashtags to get you started : )

I have an example post here with hashtags Bad Luck Charm :wilted_flower::spider_web: on Instagram: “The horse got a tappable template too :joy::rofl: no longer lonely :smirk::+1:t3::heart: Western themed, can be tested in my limelight tappable templates un-published…” You can even create your own hashtags like one for your story! It’s very cool! And you can follow hashtags as well ^^


thanks for the tags! :+1:

np :+1: