How to properly code intro splash

Hi again forum peeps! If anyone can help me on this i would be so so grateful :sweat_smile: I made a welcome splash for my intro and its all approved and such but i cant get it to look cool like other stories i have read! Is it meant to be used as a background, because that is how it is atm. Also, if anyone can help me on if i can clue me in on a hair mare :cold_sweat: :scream: i am having haha. My MC is bald for storyline purposes, i want to add ‘wig’ options before or after outfit selection. Is this possible to code? Hopefully i have this topic in the right section. Apologies if not, i am still trying to familiarise myself with how to navigate in forums :face_with_spiral_eyes: Thank you in advance for any help and your time :hugs:


Hey! What do you mean by looking “cool” - do you mean having overlays of the title or warnings fade in or something else?

Also, yes you can have your character’s hairstyle change using this command:
@CHARACTER changes hair into hairstyle

However, I don’t think Bald counts as an actual hairstyle in the code so you’d have to create a duplicate of that character who’s bald to be able to change the original’s hairstyle.

Hopefully this all makes sense! :smile:

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Sorry i should of been more clear :sweat_smile: Yes i need to figure overlays next. I`ve been mostly plotting my story and finding backgrounds and room overlays for scenes. I may need to remake the welcome page to a better size unless i can figure how to zoom into my writing. Right now it is the first background starting the story, then epi me comes in blocking it all. I need to find some warning or make my own as i dont want to potentially trigger a reader given the storyline. Do you mean make a default character to script in the story? If i leave out hair option on the CC template so no one can have hair would that not work :thinking:

You’d need to create your own or get someone to create correlating overlays for you and then you’d animate those into your intro scenes. Here’s a guide on animating overlays if you need:

You’d make the duplicate character look the exact same as your original MC apart from the hairstyle (one would be bald and the other would have any other hairstyle).
And yes, you could just remove the option to customise hair but I thought you wanted to give the reader options for different wigs/hairstyles.


I mean the initial first chapter CC. Then while they have customised limited features they can select a premade outfit out of 5 different styles. I personally love the dressing up part of characters i read. Then after outfit they can select a wig to wear if she is in Character or she will stay bald if she is just herself. It is a little awkward to explain without giving the plot away :sweat_smile: I have been on an overlay hoarding spree and may of found some good ones to use but only welcome ones not no warning ones just yet. i may just narrate the possible triggers pre story starting. Also i will figure how to add skip scene option if anyone wants to continue to read regardless of possible triggers.

Ahh I see! Yeah that sounds good.

I would check people’s drives, maybe @/amepisode @/alexa_episode, for warning overlays.

Thank you for all you help and tips, i really appreciate you :smiling_face:

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No problem :relaxed:

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