How to properly review stories

Hello again to everyone who clicked on this thread! I don’t really know if this is in the right topic or not so @Sydney_H or @Jeremy please change this to the correct one. Thanks!
It has come to my attention that some people haven’t been reviewing stories the correct way. This is just my opinion, but I think story reviewers should take reviewing with care because it has thre potential to help or hurt the writers a while lot. I know I am not the only victim of being on writers block because of a bad review. These are just some tips.

Of your reviews are honest, say so.

This is something I don’t really see a problem with on the forums but to the people the give very lengthy, long and honest reviews, please say so. Saying you are honest and give long reviews gives the person that wants to be reviewed time to think and prepare themselves for the review they are getting, mentally and emotionally.

Don’t be mean.

I’ve witnessed multiple people on the forums make threads saying that they are mean with reviews. If you are mean with the reviews you make then you shouldn’t be a reviewer. If you’re mean, it hurts the writer a lot. You don’t want that. You are reviewing for them, not you. Think about what you are saying before you hit reply.

Make suggestions.

Making suggestions about how a writer should fix their problems or issues in their stories always always always helps. People that just point out the bad shouldn’t be reviewers if they don’t have any way to fix the problem is not logical. Not at all.

Give some compliments every once in a while.

Pointing out all the negative is never good. Add some positive in there! If you only point out some bad things people will have very low self esteem. It will cause them to not write for a while which is not what you want. Adding some compliments and pointing out good things make the writer feel a little bit happier if you tell them you like some parts of it.

Don’t say ‘I hope this helped’ if you did a bad review.

Kinda goes with the mean reviews. It doesn’t make sense if you make no suggestions and no positive topics in your review and say you hope it helped if it clearly didn’t.

Never ever be sarcastic.

Sarcasm in a story review is not at all professional. We are story reviewers right now, not sarcastic teens. Take it from me, being sarcastic doesn’t help anyone nor anything.

Always think about the writers.

You have to be empathetic in your reviews meaning you have to think about what the author did to create it. They put a lot of effort into their stories. You’re not aiming to shatter their souls! Being a bad reviewer divides their self esteem by about 1,000,000. I have seen many many people stop writing their stories because of what someone else thinks. You don’t want that. You want them to fix their errors and keep up what they are doing, not stop completely. And NEVER EVER EVER say somebody won’t read their stories, don’t even think it or say it to someone else. Nobody’s story is bad! Every story is far from perfect and you have to keep that in mind.

Thank you for reading this and all reviewers please think about all of these rules.:smiley:


100% Agree


I second That! Whenever I review a story I think of it as of someone is reviewing mine, and what I would like to know/what I believe is important and should be mentioned and not just looked over.