How to put a character in bed?

the background is INT. YOUR BED - NIGHT
How can i make the character to walk to bed from left and lay on it?

you spot them and use a lay animation. they are called something diffrent from style to style I can tell you which since I dont know what you use

here is a video explaing spot directing

&zoom reset
@CHAR spot 1.280 -99 0 in zone 1
&pause for 1 THEN pan to zone 2 in 3
@CHAR walks to spot 1.280 113 4 in zone 2 in 3
@CHAR is yawn_bored
@CHAR walks to spot 1.217 164 179 in zone 2 in 1.5 AND CHAR does it while walk_neutral_rear AND CHAR faces left
&CHAR spot 1.217 176 193 in zone 2
@CHAR is idle_sit_anklescrossed_neutral_loop
&pan to zone 3 in 2
&zoom on 675 361 to 235% in 2
&CHAR spot 1.217 105 360 in zone 2
@CHAR is idle_lay_exhausted_loop

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