How to put a cover in my story?

Hello everyone, I’m making my first story, but I don’t know how to add the cover in each episode, or a final image with my information. Can you please help me?

You have to upload them as your own background. So go to the background page on the art catalog and then change it from backgrounds available for everyone to your backgrounds, then you can upload.

Choose the cover you would like, then upload it and save it as COVER then go to EP and click change cover
Then you press upload photo and i has to be the correct size, too! It usually takes around a week or two. But if you are as un-lucky as I am it took me 1 month to get mine approved. You can’t have any Nudity, intimate contact either than kissing or child abuse in your cover, BTW.

Click on the image:

Then, u just need to change the small and large cover: