How to put an object on character's hand?


I want to know hooooow :slightly_frowning_face: please help. Thanks in advance!


You have to add an overlay


You have to add a prop. There is a list of props on the side menu of the portal.

The codes are:

@add Prop to CHARACTER
@remove Prop from CHARACTER


Thank you so much for your help! :two_hearts:


You’re welcome :blush:


Can be either overlay or a prop, it depends the case. You can upload your own overlays.

I don’t know what style you are using, but if you are using Ink, for props, not all of them appear in the list.

hidden Ink props:

White Coffee Mug
Camera Bag


I’m using limelight btw… :sweat_smile::blush: Thanks for the tip!


hi @m-d how to add lipstick to a character? what does it means by ‘hidden prop’?


@add Lipstick to CHARACTER


I did, but I don’t see the lipstick in her hand?


You have to test it on your phone it’s not showing up on the Web Preview :confused:


sigh thanks.