How to put character in front of overlay

How can I have YOU in front of the desk while Olivia stays behind?
@cut to zone 2

@zoom reset

@overlay GUARD DESK create
@overlay GUARD DESK opacity 1

@overlay 5658299057963008_GUARD DESK shifts to 70 54 in zone 2
@overlay 5658299057963008_GUARD DESK scales to 2.332 2.332

@YOU faces right

@YOU walks to spot 1.010 153 131 AND YOU moves to layer 2

YOU (talk_neutral_loop_rear)

@OLIVIA spot 1.046 -63 106

@OLIVIA walks to spot 1.046 261 115 AND OLIVIA moves to layer -3

@OLIVIA faces left

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Just move the overlay to a layer in between the characters. To move it simply write @/overlay nameoftheoverlay to layer whatever.
Obv no / after the @ :joy: keep in mind that overlays do not have the word move while characters do.


Just write @ overlay GUARD DESK to layer 1

Make sure you dont write moves to layer. For overlays it is to layer.

lemme try

Did it work? Haha

Yes, thank you!

You’re welcome :blush:

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