How to put character in front of overlay?


Ok so I have seen in some of the Episode stories I read that some have the Charaters standing in front of a table or desk and behind. I know how to put the behind a overlay I just add a overlay but I wanted to know if someone could tell me how to put them in front of the overlay also?

Thanks. :grinning:


@Bethany1 you have to use the layer like this.
@CHAR enters from x to x at layer x.”


oh sorry, ignore the first one, its @CHAR moves to layer #


Thank you I have been try and just couldn’t get it to work for me this should help thank you so much :slight_smile:


What would the # be like i don’t get that part sorry.


@CHAR spot % X Y in zone # at layer #
or the other one @CHAR moves to layer #


Credit to @Apes


Actually, this picture it’s not mine :slight_smile: It belongs to @episode.advice


Sorry, I thought it was yours because you posted it on a new topic.


Ok I think I get it know lol I well try it later in my story when I need it think you.


Ok you’re welcome @Bethany1.