How to put characters behind the tables?

Hi everybody! I need some help and advices.
How I put characters behind the tables in INT. CLASSROOM FRONT OL - DAY?
I’m new so I would like to have a “step-by-step” explanation.
Thanks in advance and sorry if I made any mistakes but I’m not english.

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i think your talking about moving the characters behind the table
this is done in the preview


first I would add

@(your character) spot 0.750 207 209 in zone 2 at layer 0
@pause fro 984569837426

  1. click show helpers
  2. spot directing
  3. switch tool: scale is how you drag and size your character
  4. once your character is at a spot you like, copy the code underneath the preview

The tables are already overlays (come with the background), so the characters would already be standing behind them.
For example if you do :
&char enters from left to screen center

You’ll see the character is already behind it.

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Nevermind. I thought the chairs weren’t separate overlays. Change the layer number of the chair or change the layer number of the character.
@overlay CHAIRS to layer 5

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I tried so but it didn’t works… :pensive:

Overlay should be 5+. 0 will make it behind them/same level as them.

Maybe those tables aren’t overlays? (only the front one)
You may have to make your own

I could make it if you need it

How? Sorry but Idk how to do it :slightly_frowning_face:


Just change the number from 0 to something else (such as 5)

the tables need to be cut out their used to be a template for this but sadly their its blocked

I would place all of your characters first

because once you upload your overlays it will take a few days because they need to be approved

Could you explain how to do it? Maybe I can learn

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if you want @Liz_Mar.episode to cut your the tables she would give you them and you would have to upload them to your catalog

  1. in the writers portal their is a tab for art catalog
  2. click overlay
  3. click the white box under backgrounds
  4. then click YOUR account
  5. once you upload you get to name it (TIP: name it something short)
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And then is it necessary to do the same with the characters? For example (in my case):
&PERSONA1 moves to layer 4
&PERSONA2 moves to layer 3
and so on…

Just to confirm, do you have both a background and an overlay named INT. CLASSROOM FRONT OL - DAY?

I think I could do them. I already did some backgrounds so I think that it should be the same thing.
But how to use these overlays then?
I put them inside my story and I put the characters behind them, is it?

just say--------------------- v this means overlay

any background that had OL in it means that the overlay is automatically added to it

No, I have only a background. Should I do an overlay too?

Yes. If you want there to be layers in your story, you need to have the chair as an overlay that is separate from the background.

Sorry, but I didn’t understand

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