How to put in a background before each episode begins

Hi and I would like to know how to put in a background before each episode begins. I’m a background you side with the story’s name and music playing and often where you press start.

Upload the background you want to add your cover (eg- EXT. THE MAGIC SCHOOL)

copy and post the name of the background in script

For adding music
music musicName

For pressing “start” you could do a simple choice or use a tappable menu:

For the “story name” I’m not sure if you mean a story cover with the title already on it or the title separate and animated (overlay)? If you want a cover, you could visit art shops on the forums but if you’re referring to a moving title, you’d have to make the title, upload it as an overlay and animate it:

The music code has already been given above, but you can also just type “music” onto a blank line in your script/where you want the music to start, then add a single space and then navigate to “sounds” on the right side of your portal and press whatever sound or music track you want and it will insert it.

Hope this helps! (: