How to put 'LINKS' in the story?


Uhh I don’t really know if they are called links, but for example, in Glitch Girl, you can, uh, at the beginning, choose your characters’ look, and If you do want to choose it, it sends you to the thing were you create characters in the app when you’re making a story + when you’re making your character.
(I'm dumb and I don't know how to explain this)
Then there are also the links to go to your instagram or whatever. How do you put them?


The first one I think you’re thinking of is
@CHARACTER goes to character avatar


In your portal where you write in your story info, there should be a place for you to write in your Instagram name. After you save and update, it’ll appear at the end of every few episodes.


thank you. But is is any different in INK and LL?


No, the command is the same.