How To Put My Own Background


Hello…I was just wondering how I put my own background in a story like I can use the regular backgrounds but I can’t use my own also I’m using my phone… thank you


Okay let’s go stepwise

  1. Open your Episode account in writer portal
  2. After that goto art catalogue
  3. Click on background > then upload your own
    4.wait for it to preview by Episode
  4. Then you can use it to your story , on write portal


I’m sorry but do I have to use a computer bc I don’t see a art catalog… thank you


Nope , it is in phone too :upside_down_face: I write on phone itself


Ok thank you


I know how hard it is to write on phone :sweat:


Once again I’m so sorry but what do I do once I want a background from the art catalog? I’m sorry I’m slow at these type of things


Where are you now?


So…click on art catalogue , click on background and then upload your own


Oh ok thank you!


:joy:ask anytime


Ok I know I’m being annoying and this is the last time I’ll ask you but once I’m on the catalog how do I get the background do I tap on what do I do.


Ah-ha🙃it okay
And I am not sure I am getting what you are asking :sweat:
But let’s try
Catalogue then click on background and then upload by your account


Ok I’ll try that


Totally :upside_down_face:


You so helpful ma cake queen :heart::heart:


Daysssss , I try😎 for cakes😋


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Right here is a screenshot step by step. Hope it helps!

Firstly, you will find an art catalogue tab

Then you will come across this page - so what you do next is click on a tab which says own backgrounds.


When you click/touch this you will see that you can upload your own BGs

Then you will see this and from there you can upload the image you wish

Here is an example.