How to put tex in speachbubble to its center?

So I kinda have a feeling I have seen stories where text in the speech bubble was in its center but I am not 100% sure about it.

Does anybody know if it is possible?
Yes of cause I know I can use overlay (that is not what I am asking about) :wink:

To be clear what I mean - I want the text CHAPTER 2 to be in the center of the speech bubble.


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Maybe this will work


| color:white |LOLOLOLOLOLOL| reset |Chapter 2| color:white |LOLOLOLOLOLOL

I just tried it and it works but you can see the white charecters :disappointed:

I always wondered that too. Would be a great feature.

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I know about this - this was actualy the first thing I tried.

But as you said the characters are still visible

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