How to put your story together

How does everyone put their stories together before actually writing & directing it?

Do you take notes first eg how you want each episode to go (scene by scene), key points in the story?

I don’t know where to start.

I don’t take notes, but I plan out the immediate events. Usually I do that as I try to fall asleep since I’m not distracted and I don’t have to move or talk to think about plot ideas.

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I normally just in a word doc. write out a simple plan and add things as I go. I write the basic events in each episode along with the choices and the cliffhanger I will include. I just find this easier to be able to have a guide to follow when actually writing the story. :heart:

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The way I plan out my story is this:

Overall summary
(Summarize your main plot for your story)

Episode 1- title
<Scene 1>- where

  • what happens in this scene
    *any directing tips

To signify choices-

    – option 1- what happens if you choose this?
    – option 2- what happens if you choose this?

Repeat that for all of your episodes and scenes!
I would put all this in a note or document. If you would like to see it immediately when you start directing your story, you can plan it out using hashtags.

I hope this helped!

Thank you.

That might work for me.

I usually start out with the three ideas for this whole story. I then come up with my theme. Then I write down the premise or basic plot of my story. I elaborate on each sentence by drawing a line from it and writing from there. That is my basic plan for the story. Then I go on Google Docs and write out each episode EXACTLY how I want it to go. And I repeat.

thank you

No problem.

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