How To Realistically Write About Abuse



How do I start that kind of story off?


This is my interpretation of what you just said.
I’m assuming the stepmother and stepsister are close, they’d never abandon or betray each other. The stepmother, trusting her dear daughter, abuses her stepdaughter with pleasure, expecting her daughter to do the same.
I suggest you show days and days of the stepmother abusing the daughter, the stepsister eventually building up feelings of guilt and then calling social services.


Perfect! Thanks! And maybe what happens when the stepsister feels guilty is her mother very badly injures her stepsister?


Yeah. Maybe the stepmother gets very angry and loses trust in her daughter. It would be unrealistic for her to start hurting her, I think she should start neglecting her.


Maybe the stepmother’s daughter begins to disobey her, then she kicks her out, maybe?


I feel like they’d have some sort of bond.


Who? Alice (the main character) & Miki (the stepsister) ? Or the Stepmom and Stepsister?


The stepmom and stepsister. Despite the stepmom’s actions, she still loves her daughter enough to not hurt her. Although, some sort of friendship between the stepsister and daughter could happen.


I feel like the stepsister being a spoiled brat would make sense. The mother is fond of her because of her bad attitude and stuff.


But despite being like that, she has a nice side? Maybe she secretly started taking the daughter food when the stepmom doesn’t want to feed her? And they built a friendship from there? How does that sound?


Yeah, that’s a good idea!


Should the first time the stepmother abuses the daughter be the day she and the stepsister move in?


Maybe she’ll taunt her and bully her at first, but it’ll slowly transition into physical abuse.


Perfect! And after social services are called Alice is removed from the home?




And placed in a foster home where she’s adopted by a kind, loving couple?


Yeah! That’s also a great idea.


:grin: And the day the stepmother moves in, should be the day she married the father?


Black screen or a slow zoom to a house phone then you hear numbers being dialed (phone_numberdial then phone_calling) then speech bubble saying “Social Services, how can I help you?” “Yes, I’d like to report my mother.” I do like @Andreaxo build up of guilt, lots of tension!


Could one of you give me an example of what scene 1 could look like??