How to remember LL Hairstyle & Lipstick choices in the next episode

Hello , new writer here. So I just used Dara’s template. I already knew how to remember the outfit choices in the next episode but I don’t know the script to remember the Hairstyle and Lipstick. Please help , Thank you

evry time you change hair clothes, and such, it will be permanent on the character until you change it again. this can not be remembered on the writhing portal though, but it will be on the app

if its so the hair is to be remememerd temporarily, I recommend instead of changing it on MC. make a secondary character copy. and use that one instead. please let me know if you want it explain to make a secondary character copy.

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Hey , thank you for the help and reply. Yes, I do want to know about the secondary character copy.

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Okay a seconday character copy, is making a chracter to be a copy of the one you have.

now you dont need to change this character, you can keep them as default if you want to, you can if you want to, I usually use mine as a background character in chapter 1.

the important thing is to name them

now lets say you called MC for NAME, then you name the second, anything NAME2, COPY, doesn’t matter, I call my MC JANE and the copy JANE2. and my second copy which is her as a child JANE3

after making the character you change the display name into your MC’s name

you do that here

are you understanding so far?

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now to use it, you use the code

@COPY becomes MC

that will change the copy into looking like the MC,

After doing that you can use them in diffrent ways.

  1. for a mirror scene
  2. a flashback
  3. or for changing hair and lipstick colour temporary. and use the copy while the MC is suppose to have that hair style.
  4. can also work great for vampire fangs and eye color change.

here is an example on how I use it

    JANE (think_rubchin)
(Now what dress am I wearing?)

@JANE changes into janedress2
“Floral blue”{
@JANE changes into janedress0
“Lehenga blue”{
@JANE changes into janedress1
&overlay MALPAHS SIGN opacity 0 in 0

@JANE is dustoff_neutral_loop
(Is this it?)

goto pickd_dre

@JANE3 becomes JANE
@remove JANE
@JANE3 spot 0.350 101 386 in zone 1

Insert lipstick hair temple here for JANE3

    JANE3 (idle_bounce_happy_loop)
(this is so exisiting, I am meating a real prince)
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OMG , thank you so much for explaining . This will definitely help my story

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