How to remember outfit from last episode

how to remember outfit from last episode cuz i added dressing game in previous episode

here it’s from dara


You need to if/elif/else in the next choice

You can use this template

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That’s your scenario? Once you’ve changes your character’s outfit, it will stay until you change it again. Even though it may not show that in the portal.

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i added a arrow dressing game and then i end the episode

If you used @ character changes into (outfit), it will be remembered in the next episode. Until you change it again.

But if you want to remember a previous outfit, you need the links that were sent you.

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thank you so much :blob_hearts:

Can you help me with hairstyle? The hairstyle I’ve choose for my character isn’t showing on app. I can see the hairstyle on script preview, but when I see the preview on app, another hairstyle is showing which I’ve never choose. Can you help me please?

That’s odd. Are you choosing it on the app as part of a reader customisation?

No, I didn’t add customisation.

I think you should re click on your chosen hairstyle in portal

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So you’ve chosen a different hairstyle in the portal. Clicked save. You want to preview it on the app. Click Navigation then Reset Story Progress

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Thank you.

Are you sure about this? Doesn’t it change back to the default outfit? :thinking:

No, if you test it on the app (not portal), you will see it correctly. It will be remembered.

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okay, thank you!

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