How to remember outfits from tappable dressing games

Hey guys! I used Dara Amarie’s tappable dressing game, but when i start a new chapter my character’s outfits changes to their default outfits. is there a way to remember the chosen outfits from the previous chapters? please let me know if there is a way. Thanks x


Strange I don’t think they are supposed to change back into defult :thinking:

However you could use a gain when they pick the outfit

gain green
gain red

Next chapter

Background name
if (red) {
@name changes in outfit name
if (green) {
@name changes into outfit name

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Are you testing on the portal or your phone? They shouldn’t change back if you’re testing on your phone.

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even when you start a new chapter? I still haven’t tested it on my phone.

Yes. It should stay until you change it again. Try it on your phone.

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Ok, thank you x

Anytime you use the command
@character changes into (clothes, hair, etc), it will stay.

If you use
@character previews hair, etc
it will not be remembered for the next chapter. But this doesn’t work for clothes.

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gotcha, thank you so much for clarifying this for me :slight_smile:

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You have to use the point system. In order for the story to remember what outfit was chosen in a Tappable Dressing Game you have to add points to the outfits then use the point system for different outcomes of what she’s is wearing.

aww ok, how do i do that? I’m not very familiar with the point system.


A point system is like
@dad +1

After choice one it should say @OUTFIT +1 then after outfit choice two is should say @OUTFIT2 +2 , then choice three @OUTFIT3 +3 ( Or whatever your outfit names are +1,+2,+3) then for the point system to remember the outfit you will put,

if (OUTFIT1 =1){

##(you will put your scene with your character wearing the first outfit choice here)##

} elif (OUTFIT2 =2){

##(you will put the same scene but with your character wearing the second outfit choice here) ##

} elif (OUTFIT3 =3){

##(you will put the same scene but with your character wearing the third outfit choice here) ##


Also remember to change OUTFIT1, OUTFIT2, OUTFIT3 to your outfit names.

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got it, thank you so much x