HOW TO: Remember Past Choices! (if/elif/else) (FOR BEGINNERS!) -Easiest Method-

  1. Write a normal choice.

     choice "Choice"{
     Insert whatever happens
  2. Put “gain chose_choice” at the end so it looks something like this:


NOTE: I personally think it’s better to put “gain chose_choice” instead of like “gain choicename” because I tested my last version of this tutorial and it didn’t work sadly for me.

  1. Now when you want the character to remember the choice all you need to do is insert this into your script:

    if (chose_choice){
    Insert what the reader experinces
    elif (chose_other_choice){
     Insert what the reader experinces 

NOTE 2: The first choice always starts with “if” the rest starts with “elif”

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed :slight_smile:


wow that was great

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Again, it won’t work because the last option should be else without the second gain name.


I got it from Joseph Evans you can view the tutorial yourself if you would like

(PS: I have also tested it on my own script etc)

It works perfectly and there was no need for Joesph Evans in the tutorial to put “else” anywhere.

Again, thank you for letting me know, if anyone gets any errors I will let them know what you have said :sunny:

NOTE: I know you may say because he put more than 2 options but I put 2 and it still worked for me either way I also know you might say that it was a dressing game but mine wasn’t a dressing game and it still worked.

@Apes is right. That code might work at first but it starts glitching after a while. We’ve helped many people on here who have had issues with this type of coding. It’s always fixed with using else. I would not recommend this nor would any other OG coder on the forum.


@RudeInception, I got this from someone who has been on Youtube since September 2013, And I have tested this enough times (Yes even in my own story in process) to show it works. I do not mean to be rude or impolite in any way but I am just stating my research. Maybe the way you do it is different and still works. (Yes the first tutorial I made myself was just guessing)
I was a little bit confused then and you helped me. And thanks! I appreciated it, but I have done my research more than once. I have tested it multiple times. Here is some points I’d like to gather:

  1. My last tutorial forum had been up for about a day and didn’t get likes because I was incorrect

  2. This one however, I have stated my evidence and it’s got 4 likes. 1 like in only a few minutes.

  3. There is alot of positive comments on the video go check for yourself if you would like.

I know I may be new to forums but I still know when I have properly researched and when I haven’t (EG: Last time I didn’t research properly that’s why I told you were correct, but before I took your advice on “else” I researched more.)

Thank you for your time non the less but I have researched.

Extra Note: Joseph Evans is known for making pretty good episode stories.

NOTE: I do not mean to be disrespectful in any way.

Regards Yay

I appreciate you doing your research, but as you said, you’re new to this forum. I (along with some other amazing individuals) have been doing our rounds on Episode for a few years. I’ve been around Episode before Joseph Evans began making YT videos. And I’ve been on this forum helping others long enough to acquire a good reputation for being helpful as well as knowledgeable. Does this mean I’m better than you? No. I want to make that clear just in case my statement is taken that way. But what it should mean is that I know what I’m talking about. And I don’t want to tell you how to code, but if you’re making guides for others on the way you code and I see an error, I will let you know. You said yourself that you guessed on the first guide, and now you watched one YT video for this new guide. For me, that’s not enough information gained for you to be dismissing our advice, especially if it means causing code errors for some users. Sorry.

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Here are just two examples of people having issue with this method in the past:

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@RudeInception Thank you for stating your points, though I would like to state a few others:

  1. I have tested both choices. On multiple different scenes.

  2. Both you and Joeseph Evans have been on since Episode Classic, I don’t see how a years difference is going to change that.

  3. I haven’t seen any of your stories.

  4. And Joeseph Evan’s is most people’s go to youtuber for advice along with EpisodeEllyYT

  5. These “Remembering past choices” examples you have given me have nothing to do with my forum.

  6. Again as I have said, your technique might be another technique that still works.

  7. I said nothing about you being better than me, besides we are all still learning!

Thank you for your time.

Regards Yay.

Extra (Some comments from Joeseph Evan’s tutorial):

“You are a real life-saver. I learned using Episode just by watching all of you videos! ;D
I do have one question though:
I downloaded a customization thing on the internet, and put it in. Do I have to do anything else for Episode to remember the looks that reader created, or will Episode remember this in all further Episodes?”

Yes, I know there is a question, but this is related to the outfits, not the choices.


PS: Someone tried your else tatic and it didn’t work. here is what they said and replies etc

I know it was 2 years ago, maybe it works now.

But as I have said I have tested it

Thank you for your time.

Regards Yay :slight_smile:



I know, but I have tested it and I’ve shown enough evidence.

I even use it in my own stories :T


Sorry if you were left mad at me. But you are not a official moderator, I would get it if a moderator said this but they haven’t that’s the main reason why I’m saying all this.

Anyway, apoligies.


You know you can only use else when you do only 2 choice options

if (blah){



The only time that you can use without else is something like this

if (blah){

}elif (blah){

}elif (blah){


Sadly I have to agree with @RudeInception and @Apes with this, even I experienced with the same problem (but haven’t told anyone until now) with the if/elif/else branch. Not to be rude or anything but hope you understand this better

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I understand, I can take this down if you want :slight_smile: