HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)


So, beside choice, write DRESSGAMETWO since that is what you used to remember the outfit choices that the reader picks later on.

And so forth…later in your script, if you want the outfit choice that the reader picked remembered, you’d write something like this:

if (DRESSGAMETWO is “Rich in taste”) {
[scene for Rich in taste choice here]

} elif (DRESSGAMETWO is “Pretty in Pink”) {
[scene for Pretty in Pink choice here]

} else {
[scene for On the edge choice here]

Try this code :thinking:


else needs to be by itself. And choice names cannot have spaces. Change those spaces to underscores



Ok I followed JemU776 code and went back and changed the choice name to DRESS_GAME_TWO like Dara.Amarie said. But, I have a third dress option and I don’t understand when you say else needs to be by itself? Do I not include my third outfit choice which is called, “On the edge”?

here’s a picture of what I currently have on my script:


if (DRESS_GAME_TWO is “Rich in taste”) {
[scene for Rich in taste choice here]

} elif (DRESS_GAME_TWO is “Pretty in Pink”) {
[scene for Pretty in Pink choice here]

} else {
[scene for On the edge choice here]

Hi, you have to include a scene taking place during these IF/ELIF/ELSE choices.


if (DRESS_GAME_TWO is “Rich in taste”) {
I look good in this hot glam outfit.

} elif (DRESS_GAME_TWO is “Pretty in Pink”) {
I look pretty in this pink outfit.

} else {
I look cool and edgy with this outfit.

And no, it would NOT be else (DRESS_GAME_TWO is “On the edge”), it would just be else. If the reader picks on the edge, the else choice will play for them.


Ok makes sense. The only problem is that I don’t want a scene to play for each outfit choice I just want my char to wear it. Does that make any sense? Thanks for your patience with me.


if (DRESS_GAME_TWO is “Rich in taste”) {

@REYSME changes into Hot Glam

} elif (DRESS_GAME_TWO is “Pretty in Pink”) {

@REYSME changes into REYSME_pretty in pink

} else {
@REYSME changes into REYSME_on the edge

Yes, that makes sense, and no problem! I love helping people :smile:


That’s what I wanted! It worked! THANK YOU THANK YOU JEM! and to everyone who tried to help a slow poke like me haha. :sweat_smile:


After checking for the umpteenth time on both desktop and phone, turns out the preview was just being a glitchy little … :unamused:

Thanks anyways. Will be coming back to refresh my gains memory


When I choose first choice it’s ok, but at the second choice there is a dialogue from the first choice.

I write in polish language




It is most likely that you have to restart episode, click on the navigation button on the preview screen, then click on the button Restart Episode. Then you can choose the 2nd thing, but you’ll have to use the Restart Episode button if you want to change your choice. I hope you understood, I’m terrible at explaining. :sweat_smile:


You have to reset story progress when you test out gains. If you keep restarting the episode and choose both choices, then you will gain both of those gains and it will confuse the system.


I knew I said something wrong. :woman_facepalming: Thank you @Dara.Amarie!!!



Thanks you a lot! Sorry, but I’m beginner in Episode <3


No problem even tho I most likely confused you even more.


Random question: Is that an iPhone?


My story has two love interests and the MC gets to choose one of them. How do I do it so that in the next chapter the MC is with the person they chose.

So for example, they chose love interest number 1 rather than 2. In the next chapter that I’m writing, I won’t know who my readers chose and I’ll have to somehow know by writing about the character they chose.

How would I code it this way?

It’s so hard to explain, I hope you guys understand!


Everything you need to know is in the guide above.


I would use the if/elif as opposed to the gain method?