How to remember past choices on Hair? (HELP)


I know how to remember past outfit choices but i can’t seem to figure out how to remember the Lip color and Hairstyle, or does it work the same thing?


It’s best to create a duplicate character IMO.


The way I remember past choices is using the method:

choice (rememberCHOICE)
“LipColor1” {
} “Lipcolor2” {

Later on…

if (rememberCHOICE is “LipColor1”) {
}elif (rememberCHOICE is “LipColor2”) {

You can add as many choices and keep adding elif. Same thing for the hair :yum:


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


You’re much welcome! :yum:


Unfortunately, that method doesn’t work with cc template choices. You see, in each choice there is a “goto” that restarts the choice over again so technically the choice you chose doesn’t get remembered. The only choice that will be remembered is the “choose this” choice.

So like @TheTurtleTrainer said, the best option is to use a duplicate character.


What do you mean with duplicate character, sorry? :blush:


Oh no, I know it doesnt work on CC, I thought she meant those choices we add after dressing game, where we let them change hair and lip color too


The hair and lipstick choice templates, right? They work like a cc template does; they use gotos also.


If you want your character to change their lip and hairstyle for a scene and then go back to the original look they had before, it’s best to use a duplicate character.

Use this command:

Then just use the duplicate character to change the hair and lip and use that character for the scene. Then when you want to go back to the readers original look, just switch back to the main character

HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

Yeah, I usually do a different template, though. Making a smaller selection of colors and hairstyles and putting them all together instead of separating them. I should’ve asked her if she meant to use for the cc template :sweat_smile:


It’s okay, thanks anyways :slight_smile:


Alright, i’ll try it out, thanks!