How to remember readers CC choices


I need to save the character’s hairstyle choice in my story. It’s hard to do that using ‘gain’ code bcz I might have to put about 20 plags and if else coding option there. Any help how can I do that easily??


Whatever hairstyle the reader chooses automatically carries on across all episodes within your story.


Actually in some scenes I might need to change their hairstyle for story’s interest so I need to remember them?


you can do that the reader choose how she dresses that day or something. Like: What hairstyle should I chose?
Maybe that would solve your problem :wink:


You would need to create a duplicate character then use this code in your script: @DUPLICATE becomes CHARACTER
This code will make the duplicate character look exactly like the character that was customized. So you can change the main character’s hair for certain scenes in your story, then when you want to go back to the hair the reader originally had you’d use the same code from before and have the main character become the duplicate.


Thanks @Dara.Amarie… Just what I was looking for :blush: