How to remove a jpeg (problem got solve)

I want to upload my story cover that had an overlay.
I can’t upload it.
it keeps saying your cover had a jpeg.
I go to a website to put png it always gives me 1.6m for the photo size.
if you want to help please dm me.
I don’t want my cover to be stolen from here.

Hey if you want to compress png , you can use this website

I hope this helps you!

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I have used this one already it didn’t help me.

I have texted u

@Sydney_H problem got solve can you please close this thank you.

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Just for future reference, I recommend tinyPNG for general compression and for even more compression, I recommend compress-or-die which lets you alter a few things yourself to reduce the size except it takes awhile to load.

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: