How to remove backgrounds on Episode Characters?


Hi!! So, I’m making some cover art involving characters, but they have a background on. Does anyone know of any background-removing apps that I can use?


I don’t know any background removing apps but what I do is upload a solid bright color (like pink or green) as. BG and then I pose my characters out and take a screenshot. Then I edit on an art app (Procreate) and I just use the automatic select and touch the bright color and picks it right up. So then you have a clear BG


I have an app called Eraser on my phone, as long as the background is 1 solid color i can easily remove it and it turns the character into a png. I use this to make my own character splash pages and attempts at my own covers. It was simple enough to use once i messed around with it a bit. They aren’t perfect but they are pretty good for me just learning and putting it together myself with no editing skills.


Sounds good, I’ll try it! Thanks!


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