How to remove body parts?

Hey guys!
So a few months back I was reading a story where there was a scene with mermaids, I realized that under the overlay the legs were removed.
And again a few days back I was reading and there was a scene where the god was talking with some angels, the god had no head and the author said on a toaster that she knows and it’s not a glitch.
My question is: Does anybody know how to remove these body parts?
I am writing a fantasy story and there are mermaids and sirens in it so I need to remove the legs.

You can’t really remove the legs. You can do a good job with overlays and cover them
And for the head- you just have to pick “none” for all the facial features :sweat_smile:

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Alright then! I will try and do my best with covering them!
THE HEAD THO!!! :joy::joy::joy:

For the legs you could probably crop the bottom half of the background and use it as an overlay. I don’t know if it would turn out good or anything but you can try :slight_smile:

as said you cant remove body parts. There are 2 ways how to achie this efect.

You can use some overlay to cover the legs … for example cover the head with overlay done from background will make him looking like he has no head.
Or you can make a custom pose. This is done in photoshop (or similar program) where you can adjust the character as you like and you than download it as png so the whole character will be actually an overly in that scene.

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Thank you soooo much!

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