How to remove INT. CAFETERIA TABLE OL - DAY table overlay

How can I remove the table? It’s getting me really mad cause I can’t remove it lol. How can i get rid of it or atleast make it so I can put other overlays on it?

U dont need to, just download the background and save it, then reupload it on your account. Then add it to your script along with your overlays.

omg thx so much im an idiot… bt do u have any idea how to get the overlay individually?

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the table overlays should be in the overlay section on the art catalog.

it’s not lol… thx anyways

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Hm, what table did it look like again. XDDDDD

Wait, ill check. XDDD

Oop, it aint dere, anyway, lol np. :rofl: :sunglasses:

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