How to remove one or another prop depending on choice

So, in one scene, my character has two different props depending on choice, the choice is if you want cherry pop (soda) or blueberry pop (soda) and in the next scene the prop is still there and I know how to remove a prop but there was two choices of props and I don’t know which one the reader will choose so I wonder if I can remove the prop they chose at the same time, I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense I don’t really know english lol.

Can you show me the script of the choices?

Since you already know how to remove a prop… simply just remove both from the character at the start of the new scene. This way no matter which option they chose, neither of the props will be in their hand during the next scene.

Of course you could do the whole gain thing, but without seeing your script… this is simply an alternative option.


Okay thank you!

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