How to replay my first chapter?

Okay, so. I’m on my phone seeing if my episodes are alright. But it’s only letting me see Chapter 2 and not Chapter 1??? I’ve tried updating the script and it still doesn’t work. If anyone could help me out. Please reply :persevere:

click on navigation inside the episode. then one of choices is episodes then click on episode one

How do I get more passes

welcome to the forum. you have to make your own forum to ask normally but I can answar this simple.

wait, you get new ones evry four hours(if you spend the ones you have) or buy them.

DO NOT USE THE HACKS there is is this videos on youtube there show here is a cool hack to get diamonds and passes. they are a LIE and you will get hacked. or something not sure but they dont work

You’re a legend. Thank you so, so, soo much :heart:

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Happy to help