How to request new jewellery (RINGS) from Episode?

I’m pretty new here, and was wondering how I can request new jewellery from Episode.

On Episode there are necklaces, bracelets, crowns and earrings but NO rings!!

I wish they had rings for characters particularly wedding bands and engagement rings!!

How do I request this from Episode and get them to take notice?

Can support: CLOTHING: Engagement Rings for Limelight and Ink & CLOTHING: Jewelry for Limelight and INK by liking the thread.

Also check out: Feature Request Guidelines

Story links shouldn’t go in the art resources category, they need to be in the promote your story section. Check out: Official Tutorial/How-To for the Forums (V2) for more information.

Also I believe this thread is in the wrong category :thinking:

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Thanks for this, I have now put this under Art Suggestions and went to support the thread you suggested.

Check this out as well and read through it :heart: :smile:

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Good call but this isn’t an actual feature request thread, you are asking how to create one. Moved it to the Episode Fan Community section for ya.

^^ thanks @JemU776 ! These are great resources for how to use the forums. Feel free to reach out to our forum moderator @Sydney_H or myself via pm if you have any forum related questions. Thanks!

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