How to restart writing the story I am writing without losing character and outfit designs?

Hi, can anyone help? I have done, like half of my first story and am getting on ok, but It went wrong and I want to get rid of a large amount of the scripting because I copied and pasted in the wrong template, anyway, I really need to get rid of that bit, because of all the warnings, but I cant do that just by highlighting and deleting, because I am on an ipad, and it doesn’t work for some reason.

So, is there a way I can revert to a past revision, if not I can just copy all the scripting from the past revision and either delete the episode, or restart in some way without having to remake the entire storyincluding characters and outfits?

sorry that was so ramblyyyyy…

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I suggest deleting all the scripts template is gonna take a lot of energy and time,
Why don’t you delete the story entirely and start all again

If you can’t delete the story, then go to start a new story, and start all over

Because I have already designed my characters and outfits and can’t access them if I make a new story entirely, which is a nuisance tbh

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Okay I understand, to retain your characters and their outfits then, you can only just have to highlight and delete, am afraid that’s the only option I can think of,
Cause I don’t think it’s possible to delete a story

This is my issue, I can’t highlight and delete on my ipad on the episode creator website for some reason, so if I was to do that I would have to delete over a thousand lines of code by hand. Thank you so much for your help though :smile:

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on every chapter’s writing page there is “See All Previous Revisions” on the left. There you should be able to find the various scripts you saved through time. But again, you should be able to highlight all the script ):